Where to Get Discount Janitorial Supplies in Chicago “Big Box” Stores versus Local

There are many places to buy discount janitorial supplies. But where can you find the best value? Your first thought might be to seek out big box stores because you feel they might have the widest selection and best prices.

Here, we will compare what both “big box” stores and local businesses can actually offer you when you are looking for discount janitorial supplies. The truth might just surprise you.

What Big Box Stores Claim to Offer

Discount Janitorial Supplies Big Box Stores versus Local Shopping #1Many big box stores claim to offer a lot. They say that they offer you a better price and larger selection, as well as the power of their “name” which you are supposed to be able to trust. However, when you buy from this sort of store, the customer service may be greatly lacking, as may be important knowledge of the area and the product.

Worse than that, any money that you spend at these chains is not invested back into the local economy. The overhead in many of these large companies is so much that most of the money you spend here will end up elsewhere.

What Local Businesses Offer

Local businesses are different. When you purchase from them, you can rest assured they will do their absolute best to right any wrongs, work with you, and get you the absolute best price in the area. Local owners know more about the area, as well as the products that they sell.

Best of all, any money that you spend with them is invested back into the local economy through taxes, wages, and overall profits. Local businesses dealing in discount janitorial supplies and more keep your local economy running as it should.

Where to Get Discount Janitorial Supplies: The Final Verdict

Big Box Stores versus Local Shopping #2If you are looking for true value for your money, you should always contact local businesses over big box stores to purchase discount janitorial supplies. When you do you are doing a service to your local economy and community, as well as a service to your own business or company because you know that local businesses will be more willing to work with you and for your business.

As our final verdict, we say that you should always seek out a local business, first. They help to support the other people, places, and things in your hometown that you care about and love.

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